Monday 15 August 2016

Attic Attack IV: Day 1, Blood Eagle Part 1

Finally got my first game of Blood Eagle played - this time with Valdemar, a new acquaintance met through another gamer's Facebook profile.

I played the Defenders of the East Emnet, while Valdemar took control of the Uruk-Hai raiders.

We played Assassination, as it is a very straightforward scenario, not demanding anything but a designated leader in both warbands.

The Uruk-Hai split up in two groups, one crossing the stream, the other heading for the bridge.

I already made my first tactical blunder here: I should have kept my archers at one flank, adding more bonus to volley fire.
Lesson learned and duly noted.

With the raiders closing in at full speed (running, -3 ranged attack penalty),
my archers could not beat any Armour, even though their lives depended on it.

Battle is joined!
I just realized that I have not edited all the pictures of the game, as some was taken after midnight - and thus I have to finish this AAR in a later post...


  1. I have been debating on using these rules for some Bronze age raiders or maybe in a Glorantha setting.

    1. I think they should work very well for that. As long as Armour is kept to low/medium, all models armed for war should be able to dispatch some opponents, but beware of the combo high Armour/good Fate, as it can make a model VERY hard to beat (reserve if for leaders/legendary heroes).