Thursday 1 September 2016

The Summer Continues...

...and so does my toil in the garden.

I have leveled the soil in the area vacated by the bushes, and I have added more soil to the flower bed along the hedge to make it level with the lawn, and I have removed the old bricks that formed the all too narrow bed edge.

The plan is to continue the flower bed all along the hedge - and edge it with cobbles - but I need to remove that evergreen bush at the back, before I can do that. Probably a sub-project for when I run out of cobblestones.

I have also laid down most of the passageway from the terrace to the lawn.

I needs to be adjusted a bit - there is a height difference between the two ends of the passageway, so I had to pull a string at ground level between the two areas to use a guide for the cobbles.

As you can see below, I have also begun removing turf and digging the trench for the edge around the rose bed.

I intend to extend the cobblestone edge all the way to the far corner at the back (last photo), although this may mean that I shall have to redo it, if/when I give the terrace an overhaul (right now it consists of three different types of cement tiles, and I would like it to be all hexagonal tiles like the ones extending from the front door area along the front of the conservatory - but that has to be a separate project from this upgrade to Garden 2.0).

The earthen patches are shallow 'hollows' in the lawn that I am trying to make level. Does not look all that good, but I hope it will pay off in nicer games of croquet and boules pétanque.
The slates at the back in the middle of the picture are going to be placed on long edges in the soil as a stable edge to the large flower (and strawberry) bed extending all the way along the north edge of the lawn (it is to the right of this photo).

Our property is situated on the banks of a stream valley, so the flower bed is sloping away from the lawn (I hope to somewhat remedy that when renewing the soil for new strawberry cuttings to be planted), and I want to ensure that the cobblestone edge will be held in place, even if heavy rains make the soil shift a bit down the slope.

The yellow slide I removed  from the swing set a while back, as the wooden frame has deteriorated badly, and will probably have to be removed or replaced by something else. Another separate project, I guess.

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