Saturday, 20 August 2016

Attic Attack IV: Day 2, God of Battles

Ulrik and Kevin had a go at God of Battles, Ulrik commanding his LotR Dwarves, Kevin taking control over my slightly re-configured Lizardmen army-

The Reptiles advanced in force on the central rock pass.

The Skink Archer company was annihilated by the Dwarven elites...

...but then the saurus Ravagers got stuck in - and made minced meat of the Dwarves!

It was getting late, and Kevin had to leave soon, and with his main unit (and Priest) gone, Ulrik was not very keen on fighting on, so we left it at that.

The beads were marking Miracles on the units, by the way, in case you wonder.

Currently, I am spending all my spare time in the garden, as the weather suddenly turned almost summer-like thi week, so I do not know if I shall have any gaming related news for a while, but if we get some rainy days, I should be able to continue work on my Company of Heroes for Blood Eagle (LotR Fellowship characters), so stay tuned!

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