Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Big Box o' Terrain

VNL just delivered this box at my doorstep. The poor driver had to move his van thrice because of some of my retired neighbours driving past  (and NEVER ask a senior citizen to wait a couple of minutes for a working man to finish his business - they have NO patience, and are always VERY busy, as if they haven't got about 100% more leisure time than the rest of us...)

I shall be unboxing this in the attic, adding most of the pieces to the jungle table, taking some more photos in the process and of the  finished table, so stay tuned and watch this space!


  1. Haha the curse of the elderly moaner! You have my sympathy. Looking forward to what is inside the box

    1. I am posting pics of the terrain stuff at the moment - should finish before I leave for work at 22:30.