Saturday, 29 November 2014

Horisont VI, 2014, Day 1

As promised, some pics from Horisont.

The pics in this post are all from Friday evening - the calm before the stom, so to speak, as the convention was not officially open before Saturday.

A table for a cave man game presented by Sonny from Rogue trader Copenhagen

The Vale of the Small Gods table (Chaos warbands slugging it out)

A game of DreadStreets (homebrewed system by Rasmus Wichmann)

Dropzone Commander table

Vikotniks fantasy bar brawl game

Table ready for some 15mm God of Battles

And some 15mm greenskins

Our LotR GoB28 table ready

And he first game underways (yes, I was a bit biased when it comes to taking pics - but actually less than a handful of the presented games were played Friday night).

The die shows the sutlers

Very nice set-up for Lion Rampant

Mars Attacks brought by Dr. The Viking

Jens from Pardulon brought his fantastic post-apocalyptic terrain

A game of Sails of Glory

After the GoB game, our table stood in for a game of Song of Blades and Heroes

Th-th-th-that's all, folks!


  1. Great posting and some really good looking tables and games. Your LoTR game looks to have been especially fun and furious :-)

    1. We didn't have much down-time on the table, neither Friday nor Saturday - although I overslept Saturday from staying up past 4 a.m., getting ready fmor action about noon :D

  2. Man, I wish we could see Jen's post-apocalyptic terrain in a How-to; that looks phenomenal -HellBane

    1. Try having a look here:

    2. Thanks much! -HellBane