Saturday, 15 November 2014

Boromir, Captain of the White Tower

I have been working on the last modle for my 36 pts, Gondorian God of Battles army in small steps in between sleeping and generally vegetating on the couch over the last 10 days, as I have been down with a bad flu.

I finished his base today (I even just rediscovered my little bag of birch seed pods that I thought lost in the move 4 years ago!), and here's the result.

His face is not as accentuated as I would have liked, and I'm not sure if his hair is not a bit on the dark side.

I'm not happy with the muster on the border of his tabard or over-tunic, either, but otherwise I think he turned out OK.

For a paintjob done under the influence of fever, at least.

The sword seems slightly bend, I must have a look at it tomorrow!


  1. Great stuff and I genuinely don't think you have anything to worry about ref the quality of this minis painting. Its good :-) The foliage on the base is outstanding too.

    1. Thanks! It's not that I think he came out bad, but as he is a main character, I just wanted him to stand out a bit against my other work - and neither the face nor the tabard-border quite satisfies that wish, so I may go back and do something about it later.
      For now, though, he's easily up to par with the rest ofthe army, so no worries :D