Tuesday 11 November 2014

Stairway to Heaven

The stairway to Argonor's Attic is finally getting installed!

The first picture shows the winding staircase going up from the far end of the workshop. There will still be plenty space for winter/summer tyres and other seasonal stuff, like sleighs and swings.

I think the wooden 'bookcase'/shelf-thing is going to be put just around the corner you see at the front of the pic, to ease access to the staircase and the stuff stored beneath it.

The picture below shows the opening for the new access 'trap door' - there is going to be a wooden hatch so I can keep our - and other - cats off the attic.

I'm going to have to varnish the staircase myself, so I shall also have to find a solution for keeping the cats away from the stairs while the varnish dries, but I guess I shall have to make a frame with chicken wire that fits between the walls just in front of the stairs.

I am very much looking forward to get this project finished, as it will facilitate access to the attic - not only for my guests and me, but also for moving stuff to an from storage up there.

The next Attic Attack should see both the stairs and the stove in place, and the gaming room is then amply enhanced for the benefit of the hobby!

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