Sunday 9 November 2014

The Big Box from Player1 at, Part 2.

These 2 - with the one I have intact in the box, and another one I got as part of another big lot some time ago - brings my Mûmakil total to 4 (four).

I think I have to start getting them ready somewhen soonish...

The lot also included droves of Warriors of the Last Alliance, Warriors of Minias Tirith, Moria Goblins, Mordor Orcs, and some Uruk-Hai - but with the Christmas month rapidly approaching, I am forced to tidy up the dining table in the living room, so we can have our family meals there, and I have been stoving minis away in small boxes stacked inside large boxes, so no further showing stuff this time around.

Hopefully my cold will allow me to finish the Camp and Baggage bases for GoB28 tomorrow - would be nice to check yet another box on the to-do list for Horisont, with less than 2 weeks left before the event...


  1. Blimey!! They are big. I don't have any of these myself but I'd be very interested in a WIP of how you paint them. Hope you're feeling better?

    1. Thanks, not all that better, I'm affraid - I should be in bed by now, but I have been fixing our internet/tv connection that went silent earlier.
      The Mûmakil are big models, indeed, and I would like to have a go at one right away, but I must stay disciplined: First the GoB project for Horisont, then maybe I'll get SAGA: Crescent and Cross to do some Gondor vs Haradrim (see the red thread?), and then, maybe, use the Mûmakil as some large monster or chariot in a Haradrim GoB contingent. I try to plan everything according to my objective of cross-purposing everything I do - it allows me far more gaming time while at the same time butterfly-flicking between projects than the old.fashioned that-mini-is-for-that-game approach, as I can use the stuff I did for one project for the next one (or next one again, if I'm getting totally sidetracked). Rant over, i need to hit the sheets, now!