Thursday, 6 November 2014

The Halloween Party

I'm down with a flu or heavy cold, so not much progress to report on the gaming front - but I can just about manage half lying down on the couch with a heavy blanket to upload these pics from the Halloween party we held for our kids and their classmates:

Argonor's Attic almost set for the party
View from the other end
Zombilea with friends


Party on! The flash ruins the impression a bit
Vampiranna lends a helping hand

Zombilea shuffles under the broomstick

No idea what's going on!

I like the way the flash is caught in the eyes of the little monsters!


Always room for some extra cake!


Even more leftovers!
We haven't heard anything but positive feedback, but I think we'll segregate the two age-groups next time we throw a party - in my impression, the 5th graders felt a bit 'crowded' by the 2nd graders, and they would have had even more fun without them.

Even then, I think most participants had a blast!

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