Thursday, 20 November 2014

Shadows over Gondor: The Battle of Amon Thorongil (test-run AAR), Part 3

The hard-hitting Dwarves charge the Fiefdom Archers

And swiftly dispatch them

This is upsetting Denethor somewhat, and he calls down some divine wrath and kills 2 of the Dwarves.

On the far left Dwarven flank, the archers close in on the Fiefdom Spearmen

and the Fiefdom Warriors move up to support the Spearmen.

Using the Stratagem, Denethor re-activates and weaken the armour of the elite beards.

Again, Aulë is not able to protect his proteges, and the curse comes into effect.

Meanwhile the Fiefdom Spearmen close in on the Dwarven Baggage Train (represented by a base only).

An overview of the main battle lines

Boromir aligns his Fiefdom Warriors with city units

And the Dwarven commander prays for strength (drawing Sacrifice Cards)

Another view of the main battle lines

The Dwarves keep advancing

Boromir feels the earth shift, and ponders...

I have evening shift today, and tomorrow I have to leave for Horisont - but Sunday should see the report continuing.


  1. Good to see the LOTR figures on the board... any thoughts on how the game might have played out had you used the SBG rules?

    1. I like the SBG rules a lot, but for this size of engagement, I think they are too slow when it comes to fighting (unless they have been enhanced with a unit-based system for larger battles in a later edition?). Combat in GoB is both fast and quite brutal, especially if one side is outnumbered.

      Note that I took pics for each 'activation', which is at least one for each unit each turn. An activation normally takes only a few seconds for moves. and only a few minutes when shooting/fighting occurs.