Sunday, 16 November 2014

Argonor's Undead Host is Growing!

Earlier today, I began repairing this very old GW Skeleton Chariot to use as a Command and Support element in my - for now - 24 pts Lords of Undeath GoB army.

I have owned this - and another almost painted one, PLUS a third one which has a very dark brown undercoat - for more than 15, maybe closer to 20, years, and it has never in that time seen any action, apart from its box toppling over couple of times (hence the need for repairs).

I bought a big undead Warhammer army very cheaply from a friend at the local club in Svendborg 'Udfordrerne' ('The Challengers') back then - but as Warhammer never really got in my blood, only a few of the models have been finished for this and that project.

But now, with God of Battles inspiring me to get some fantasy armies ready for the table, all these Oldhammer models come in very handy, indeed!

The 24 pts Quick-Play Undead army saw action at Attic Attack II, and with my 36 pts Gondorian full army ready for Horisont,, it's time to get the undead skirmish force up to full strength by adding 24 pts of Command and Support elements, and in this case, with my skirmish force built for speed, I am opting for two chariots at 12 pts each!

I had to pin and glue the right wheel in place, and I am going to make a base of a thin iron sheet on which to place the whole construction (giving it magnetic properties for storage in a box with a magnetic sheet). I shall try cutting out the base tonight; would be nice to have the plastic base glued in place on it when I hit the sheets!

The driver used to be standing on the yoke, and I'll try to position him that way again, and fix the homemade reins made of cotton string he is sporting.

Some skeleton has been glued to the chariot itself, and I have several minis that might have been the one - I have to match the right mini with the glue-prints.

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