Monday, 17 November 2014

Chariot Squadron!

Well, almost...

I have glued the rest of the parts of the first chariot in place.

Obviously, some touching-up with white/bone is needed, and I may finish the bone parts off with a Devlan Mud wash.

I haven't tried putting the metal base in touch with a magnetic sheet, yet, but the sheer weight alone should make the model far more stable for storage and transportation.

Pic number two is a front view.
The far right rein looks a bit odd seen from the right, because both the outer reins are glued to the horses' necks (not my doing), but from the left it looks ok.

At some point I may tire of those string reins and make some new ones, but for now they'll have to do.

Below is a picture of the secon chariot.

It also had its right wheel broken off, so, again, I had ti drill and pin and glue.

The left scythe is also broken, but I think that it may be sufficient to fix it with polystyrene cement.

I think the whip needs some straightening, and, of course some paint repairs.

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