Sunday, 16 November 2014

Camp and Baggage for my GoB Project (and other purposes as well...)

Finished these camp elements today:

The tents were given Army Painter Skeleton Bone spray, then Devlan Mud Wash, followed by AP Skeleton Bone drybrush (yes, they DO make corresponding paints in dripper bottles for all their spray primers).

The fireplace was primed black, charred wood and stones drybrushed with a dark grey, stones then lightly drybrushed with a lighter grey, finally just barely toched with an almost white.

The ground was painted Warzone Trench Brown, then given 2 consecutive dryrushes with TB + white, before a quick wash with Devlan Mudwas applied.

I also glued some luggage to the three prepped large steel washers, and gave all of them a black undercoat.

I'm going back to work tomorrow, evening shift, so I MAY get a bit done in the morning, but we'll see about that...

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