Wednesday 19 November 2014

Shadows over Gondor: The Battle of Amon Thorongil (test-run AAR), Part 2.

The battle continues:

The Fiefdom Spearmen are un-activated by the Stratagem, and move once more

The Dwarven battle-line is spread thin like butter over too much bread

The Fiefdom Warriors under command of Boromir stand fast!

I think this is the start of turn 2:
Denethor calls upon the Valar and gives the Fiefdom Archers the ability to re-roll failed shoooting rolls...

..and is marked 'activated' as appropriate (yikes, too hard flash!)

The Dwarves of Erebor advance steadily.

The Fiefdom Spearmen continue their flank march

Boromir moves his warriors in front of the Mausoleum.

The Dwarven crack elite guard unit decides that the enemy center is a worthier subject for their attention than the flanking Fiefdom Spearmen.

But the Fiefdom Warriors seem to evade, following their brothers-in-arms towards the right flank.

"Here they come!"

The Minas Tirith Warriors, despite Denethor's cackling, aligns thamselves with the Minas Tirith Archers.

The Dwarven archers are dispatched to  protect the Baggage Train

And the longbeards from hell close in on the Fiefdom Archers

Who promtly shoot and kill nobody.

The Berserkers on the right flank move forward.

Not sure what happens here...?

 Status at the beginning of turn 3:

To be continued...

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