Sunday, 16 November 2014

Mead - The Next Level!

I have been acquiring a few glass fermentation containers over the summer, and now the time has come for using the first of them.

Ideally, mead should be stored for at least a year before bottling, to let the brew settle, and the taste get richer.

Up until now I haven't done this, as I didn't have the proper means of storage - plastic containers let the brew 'breathe', which can ruin the result, and thus I needed to get some good old-fashioned glass containers.

Note the stainless chain in there; a good method for cleaning the inside of a glass container is to slide a chain around the inside; it rubs off most dirt that may stick to the surface.

The next brew that finishes fermenting (can happen any day soon) is going in this container, which will be sealed with some plastic for starters (allowing carbondioxide to escape, should the fermenting process have not stopped completely), later with a rubber cap of some sorts.

From now on, I shall store every second brew this way (until all four containers I've got are in use), hopefully giving me some nice results.

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