Sunday, 30 November 2014

Horisont VI, 2014, Day 2 + 2½

The chaos table getting populated

I had a game of Crossfire on Spicker's table late Saturday night

Pulp game underways

DreadBall table ready for action

Dropzone Commander

Our GoB table was heavily visited all afternoon

I played a game of Lion Rampant... well I tried, but the dice weren't nice to me

This is where things began to go horribly (not just awfully) wrong. I thought I had put the mtd seargeants in cover.

And lost half of them to bow fire...

Later, after losing about half of my character's entourage to my opponents, without inflicting a single casualty in return (loosing one of my boasts at the same time), I gave up. Games with activation rolls are nor for me; no matter the odds, I'll ALWAYS fail to activate units with relatively low target numbers.

Another game was played between two other players - alreadhy, you can see the side I previously played succeeding in making its advance in a more orderly fashion.

A challenge is issued and accepted

And one commander goes down!

3rd game I witnessed

A game of Open Combat

And some 15mm Sci-Fi stuff by Phoenikuz/Torben. I don't remember the name of his ruleset, though

Some GoB15

And a fantasy game with some REALLY nice scratch-built stuff!

Thats all from this year's Horisont (at least from me, it is).

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