Saturday, 15 November 2014

Some Luggage (Scatter Terrain)

I am trying to get some 'baggage' ready for next weekend, where Duregar/ulolkish and I are going to run an intro-game of Good of Battles at Horisont VI.

I got some Pulp Luggage from Slug Industries back in the spring, because I wanted something to put in camps/on trucks for Pulp Alley and other Pulp games, but, as so many timnes before, I got side-tracked by other projects.

I am going to make some bases with various combinations of trunks (maybe I'll add hat boxes and other small stuff at a later time), and for this purpose I have prepped some large steel washers with a piece of adhesive tape and some filler.

I doubt that I'll be able to finish all three bases, but if I manage to do two, it will have to do. I can go back later and add more to the collection.

Below are some pieces I don't recall the manufacturer off. It may be Fenris Games, I've had a load of nitbits from there stocked up for quite a few years, now.

They are fairly generic, that's why I keep them together on one base - it should then be useable for a wide array of periods/settings.

I am waiting for the fgiller to dry up, si I can glue the bits onto the bases, and get them primed, ready for painting!


  1. They look very promising indeed and I also try and base my smaller scenery items on circular bases when I can. Looking forward to seeing these painted up. Indeed I'm spending the next week putting together some more buildings for "Across The Dead Earth" now the rulebook has arrived. Hopefully you're on the mend now :-)

    1. Yes, my fever seems to be leaving my little by little now (I still have very annoying coughing fits now and then, though), and I can begin considering going back to work Monday. It is a sure sign of returning to normal health when I start getting restless and have to sit down and do some hobby stuff! Most of the last 8-10 days I've been mostly sleeping and watching lame tv-shows during the dahy, resulting in not being able to sleep in the evenings. Not recommendable!

  2. Good news indeed. And you're certainly making up for a lack of updates with today's postings :-) Very nice tents btw.