Friday, 7 November 2014

Struggling with the Basics.

My very bad cold (or flu, or whatever) is keeping me from doing a whole lot, except for lying on the couch, watching Sharpe, and Witches of East End, but a lot of paracetamol gives me some moments without headaches where I can fiddle a bit around.

Over the last 2 days I have managed to work a bit on the Camp and Baggage bases for GoB28, which I need to finish for Horisont VI.

I started by glueing sand on in patches (to omit warping)

The keen observer will have noticed that there's only 3 bases; the Gondorian camp will be made up from a ruined mausoleum that the Dwarves have to sack to win the scenario, so it is not strictly nescessary for me to get the second Camp base done (although I shall try to do so when I have finished these 3).

This is how they looked like with the excess sand poured off.

I then glued sand to the bare areas, let dry, and painted the entire surface with thinned down PVA glue (consistency like milk), with a little washing up liquid added. This should seal the surface into a very hard crust.

When this is dry, I'm going to paint the bases with the same browns I used for the PSZ boards, then add some patches of flock, and I'll be set to go!

I hope to be able to paint a few crates and barrels to place on the baggage bases, and maybe a tent or two for the Dwarven camp - but we'll see about that - the actual bases, the Miracle Cards, and Boromir take precedence!


  1. Nice start and I hope you are feeling better soon :-)

    1. Thanks, I actually felt a bit better this afternoon, taking some time playing board games with the girls (2 games of Quicksand, and one game of Ludo), but I shouldn't have stayed up this late, as I can feel my veins throbbing in my head again, and probably shall lay low most of tomorrow (I AM going to slab some paint on those bases, though, painkillers must help me do that!)