Saturday, 1 October 2016

USUTHU! First Finished Zulu Warrior

I opted for the uThulwana plain white shield of my first batch of married Zulus (I may mix in a few shields with a single 'red' spot along the way as well), just to KISS.

Primer: Black

Shield Face:

  1. Medium Grey
  2. White drybrush

Shield Straps:

  1. Black

Shield Top:

  1. Light Grey
  2. Very light White drybrush
  3. Black stripes

Shield Back, Arm 'Rings', and Skirt 'String':

  1. F Rawhide Shade
  2. F Rawhide 
  3. F Rawhide + F Rawhide Light
  4. F Rawhide Light

Shield Spine and Spear Shafts:

  1. C Scorched Brown


  1. Medium Grey
  2. White drybrush
  3. Black stripes

Leg 'Pelts':

  1. Light Bone (needs a deeper tone for more contrast)
  2. Thinned White

Spear Tips:

  1. C Boltgun Metal + Black
  2. C Boltgun Metal
  3. C Chainmail

Spear Bindings:

  1. F Rawhide Light
  2. C Agrax Nightshade wash


  1. Black
  2. Very dark Grey stipples


  1. Foundry African Flesh triad

I think I shall have the second one finished tomorrow, and then I shall probably have to wait for a Miniaturicum order to arrive to finish the last two of this batch (I need some more Foundry Dusky Flesh Light to finish a mix, as I use Dusky Flesh on both of those) - and in the meantime, I shall paint another mini for the BoB Painting Club at the LAF, probably finish a half-painted Viking and start prepping four unblooded/unmarried warriors with rifles.

I also hope to get a game or two arranged for next weekend, as gardening is now kept to a minimum, and I should be able to reserve a few hours for socializing at the gaming table.

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