Sunday, 2 October 2016

USUTHU! Meet Siyanda!

Finished the second Zulu warrior today, and here he is.

He was painted muich in the same way as the first one, with only a few exceptions:

Primer: Black

Shield Face:

  1. Medium Grey
  2. White drybrush

Shield Straps:

  1. Black

Shield Top:

  1. Light Grey
  2. Very light White drybrush
  3. Black stripes

Shield Back, and Loincloth:

  1. F Rawhide Shade
  2. F Rawhide 
  3. F Rawhide + F Rawhide Light
  4. F Rawhide Light

Shield Spine, Knobkerrie, and Spear Shafts:

  1. C Scorched Brown


  1. White
  2. GW Afrax Earthshade wash
  3. Black stripes

Leg and Arm'Pelts':

  1. Light Bone (needs a deeper tone for more contrast)
  2. Thinned White

Spear Tip:

  1. C Boltgun Metal + Black
  2. C Boltgun Metal
  3. C Chainmail

Spear Bindings:

  1. F Rawhide Light
  2. C Agrax Nightshade wash


  1. Black
  2. Very dark Grey stipples


  1. F African Flesh Shade
  2. F African Flesh
  3. F African Flesh + F African Flesh Light
  4. F African Flesh Light


  1. C Scorched Brown
  2. C Scorched Brown + C Bestial Brown
  3. C Bestial Brown

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