Sunday 2 October 2016

USUTHU! The Beginning of an Impi.

Painting progress for my In Her majesty's Name Zulu Impi so far:

Siyanda and Bheka ready to wash their Assegai in the blood of their enemies!


  1. Those look pretty good. You should be please with them, I think.

    1. I am, thanks - I think my approach works out pretty well, and now I have an MO worked in; at first I just painted a little bit here and there, because I was not sure if the colours I chose would look right, but now I can just finish 3-4 layers on 2-3 parts in one session, and thus paint a bit faster. I have ordered some additional dark brown paints to be able to vary the skin tones, and I cannot finish the last 2 married/veteran warriors until the paints arrive (I can do anything but the skin, though).