Sunday, 23 October 2016

2016-10-23 God of Battles: Lords of Undeath vs Orcs - Part 2

My army was now well and effectively spread over most of my half of the battlefield, and it looked like I would soon be heavily overwhelmed in the centre. The lack of fast, hard-hitting units in this list began to show (my fastest unit was the Ghouls, who could not be trusted to deliver an effective blow against anything but the flank/rear of a formed unit, and thus lacked viable targets).

When I started remembering the Fighty ability, my newly raised (painted) Skeleton Warriors dispatched the War Orcs they were fighting. This was a big event for me, as that is the first time some of my Undead infantry have actually defeated an almost equally strong unit.

My Skeleton Horde charged the other War Orcs unit.

The Goblin Pests kept pouring arrows into the warriors, who subsequently turned to face them, all the while the Necromancer spurred his unit on to rejoin the rest of the  army.

One of the Goblin units on my far right squashed the Ghouls and the other unit traversed the forested hill to threaten  my Horde.

The Horde failed to defeat the War Orcs, and could only stand and be butchered.

The Goblin Pests were charged, and should have routed, as they were reduced to 4 models, but I was convinced they had to be less than 4 models for that to happen, so...

The Horde was annihilated, and we were now both quite near to our Break Point.

The remaining War Orcs charged my decimated Warrior unit in the flank, but failed to destroy it.

The Warriors turned to face the Orcs and fight on.

The Necromancer went for the Goblins.

The Goblins ran to the left - which was a mistake, as they should only have been able to leave the Threat Area of the Necromancer's unit directly away from it.

As it were, they were now able to subsequently charge the other Warrior unit in the flank, which quickly led to it being destroyed, and my army breaking.


Although the AAR above does not clearly show it, the Necromancer makes a huge difference for the Undeads, and I shall never again play an Undead list without a Necromancer.

I need to play more often, to have all the rules in mind when playing - only then shall I be able to fully assess the strength of a given list.

I find it a bit annoying that the game becomes extremely static when units that do not Recoil from melee get stuck in. I would like to try a House Rule under which the winner of a fight is always calculated, and the winner forces back the loser half a recoil move (and follows it, staying in contact). This would enable the possibility of using objectives to be taken and held in order to reduce the opponent's Break Point (or be subtracted from the opponent's remaining points on the table).

Apart from the above, this was a hugely enjoyable game - one of my best gaming experiences this year. I finally felt that my army was not hugely 'outgunned' by the opponent, and that I could actually have carried the day (I might have, had I remembered the Fighty ability from the start - I fought several fights with 3 dice less than I was entitled to).

Great game, am looking forward to the next!

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