Tuesday, 4 October 2016

USUTHU! Unblooded Marksmen Coming Along

Just as I thought yesterday, I did not have much hobby time today. I spent all morning with my household accounts, and then I had to bottle a batch of mead.

Around five o'clock I got 6 cubic metres of firewood delivered, and Anna and I went about getting some of it piled up in the shed (I know exactly what I shall have to use tomorrow for...).

I did, however manage to clean up the last body (of four) unblooded warriors, and get the arms cleaned up and attached to all of them. I shall try to get the heads done tomorrow, but, as mentioned, I have a lot of firewood to attend to...


  1. Good work with the mead....never imagined anyone could make it! The figures are looking good as well, I have just made a few of these.

    1. It is actually quite easy to make - you just need clean tap water, honey, and some kind of yeast (I most often use ordinary baking yeast, 50 g per 25 liters of brew).
      The recipe I use is on one of the pages here.