Sunday, 16 October 2016

Been Sick Today - Limited Progress

I have been sick from yesterday afternoon (stomach ailment, probably caused by standing for too long in the cold wind without my coat, after carrying my father-in-law's coffin from the church to the hearse after the funeral service), so I have not been very active, as most of my day was spent on the couch.

I did manage, though, to get the last couple skeletons (and the skeleton dog) sprayed white, and to glue sand to all the bases involved.

This also means that the Skeleton Warrior regiment has been cleared from the prepping station - and as I have gotten an additional couple of boxes from my wife's workplace, I can start sorting my Pulp and Horror mins, and get a dozen or so more minis stowed away.

Next step for these will be painting details (i.e. swords), and putting the first layer of paint on the bases.

I also started preparing shields for the unit - these are from the Gripping Beast plastic Arab infantry set.

The backside of the round shields is almost identical to the backside of the Dark Ages shields, but, as can be seen, the rim is different ('flat')-

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