Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Firewood Galore

As mentioned yeasterday, I got six cubic metres of firewood delivered (as the avid reader of my ramblings will have noticed, one cubic metre more than last summer - because we almost could not stretch that batch over the entire winter).

This picture shows the pile after I started moving some of it into the shed:

And this was the amount of wood already put in the shed. Anna stacked the wood against the back wall while I moved more into the shed.

Today, first I moved some old dry wood from the shed to the conservatory, to make space for the new stacks, and then continued putting the new wood into the shed. When Lea came home from school, she took over where Anna left yesterday, and the stack against the wall grew notably.

As you can see, we have plenty to stack, yet.

And the pile in front of the shed has shrunk to pitiful dimensions.

I should be able to move the remains in about an hour's time of work, and then it is mostly up to the girls to get the stuff stacked neatly inside the shed.

My wood pusher promised to bring a log splitter and help me get the logs I am storing in front of the shed split, so I can finally put the wood to use. This is a great relief, as it would require very hard work tro get them split manually, and I shall have to reserve a day off for this purpose as soon as possible, to avoid too bad/cold weather.


  1. That's a *lot* of firewood to shift by hand :-) ...

    1. Yup, but with 3-4 pairs of hands, things are moving nicely along!