Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Gaming Day

Both the kids and I have autumn vacation this week, and today we spent most of the day together, playing cards and boardgames, and watching Pirates of the Carribean: Curse of the Black Pearl.

Here we played ZombieTown.

Anna dived out of the frame, as she does not like having her picture taken (sometimes). I remember disliking it when I was in my teens, too, so I let it pass with a remark and a shrug.

The game takes a couple of turns to pick up completely, but it is one of those games you can just set up and start playing, figuring out the rules along the way, which is great for playing with kids.

As we were only 3 players, the zombies never quite put a lot of pressure on us - as each player ends their turn by moving a number of zonbies corresponding to the number of the current game turn (day), the fewer the players, the less zombie movement between a player's turns.

It was a nice game, though, we used most of the rules, and I won by a single point against Anna who came in second. Lea was just happy she survived.

After ZombieTown, we played Mutiny (and I forgot to take pics), a bidding game where you have to use gold and rum to gain influence over the key crew members of a pirate ship. This time, Lea drew the longest straw, an is now the proud captain of a bunch of scurvy dogs.

Mutiny led me to pull down Pirates of the Carribean: Curse of the Black Pearl from the shelf, and we drew the curtains and cuddled on the couch. Unfortunately, my copy of the film seems to have too many scratches, and I had to take it to the bathroom to grind it with toothpaste several times, before I gave up and rented the film from our cable-provider (at DKK 19 (€2.55/£2.29/$2.81). I need to get a new copy for the physical collection (yes, I am old fashioned that way!).

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