Monday, 10 October 2016

GoB: Repairing a Standard

This old standard was broken (back when I tilted a large box with miniature storage boxes in it form a chair in the attic), and had to be mended.

Luckily, my Poly Cement is never far away, and I got the banner pole fixed shortly after re-basing most of the new unit.

The banner is exactly as it were when I purchased all those classic GW skellies as a big job lot more than 20 odd years ago, and it will do nicely (allthough I cannot help thinking 'Blood Angels' whenever I gaze upon it).

The cloaked figure to the left is my incarnation on the battlefield, by the way - Argonor the Necromancer is also to be finished for the gaming appointment on the 22nd, where I shall have my first game against Kevin's Orcs (an I really look forward to playing against another army than Duregar's Dwarves, and find out how the Undead perform against less staunch opponents).

Tomorrow, I shall put filler on a lot of bases, and get on with painting the Necromancer. I shall probably also find, print, and laminate the Necromancer Miracle cards, so I can have a set ready for the game - and I may have to make a set of Orc Miracle cards as well, just in case Kevin brings am Orc priest...

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