Sunday, 23 October 2016

2016-10-23 God of Battles: Lords of Undeath vs Orcs - Part 1

So, I finally got another game of God of Battles under the hub.

I had an appointment with Kevin at 8.00 p.m., and much to my pleasant surprise, he showed up an hour early.

As expected, the Orcs won the Aggression Roll, and I had to deploy at least half of my force (including my Camp and Baggage), before the greenskins poured onto the battlefield.

Opening moves, as always, in good order. The ghostly body of combatants near the far corner is a group of unpainted Spider Riders, using the profile of Raptor Riders.

Then the Bolt Thrower started making a nuisance of itself, and - probably stupid of me - I reacted by drawing my two centre units away from its fire.

The Spider Riders hastily outflanked my army - not that it was very hard to do with my battleline counting only four units. My Ghouls were skulking behind the forested hill, as I really did not know what to do with them - not enough space for them to get through the enemy lines and threaten Camp or Baggage,

Some Goblin Pests gave my Skeleton Horde a hard time.

My Necromancer fired Curses all over the battlefield - most of them were countered, but here and there one took effect.

In case you wonder, Kevin used the purple dice to mark activated units.

As I expected, the Spider Riders scuttld for my Baggage Train, and my Necromancer led a forced march against them to minimize damage. I forgot to remove the star - we use it to show who starts the turn with initiative.

Skeleton Warriors in a tight spot. You get an awful lot of Gobbos within 24 points!

My Necromancer's Skeleton Warrior unit failed to reach the Spider Riders. We forgot the half move recoil rule throughout the game. I need to play more often!

Much stomping and shouting by the War Orcs. My Skeleton Warriors watched in silence.

As mentioned, Argonr led his unit in a forced march for the Baggage Train, and using my Stratagem, I removed the 'Activated' token, an charged the Spider Riders, whom were immediately routed. I then drew a '2' on my Necromancer check to Raise Undead.

The Orcs finally got stuck in, while the Goblin Pests threatened the back of my forward position.

This concludes Part 1 of this AAR, as it it getting very late, and I need to get some sleep before getting up and making pancakes for breakfast.

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