Monday, 10 October 2016

GoB: More Skeleton Warriors

After the Blood Eagle dice disaster yeasterday, I decided to make a brand new 24 points list for... my GoB Lords of Undeath... for which I have a date with some Orcs on October 22nd.

As it turns out, I need two units of Skeleton Warriors, and although I can just shave one of my Skeleton Hordes down to 12 models, I decided to at least make an attempt at getting a new unit ready for the table.

Today, I dremeled the plastic bases on most of these (some of them were re-based at an earlier occasion), and got models glued onto 20 mm washers.

I also tried to get some Army Painter Strong Tone Wash - but Dragons Lair in Odense did not have any in stock, which I find rather odd, as it is the successor of Devlan Mud, which was the most popular shading wash ever made...

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