Sunday, 9 October 2016

Blood Eagle: Another Horrible Dice Day

Shortly spoken, I am on the verge of giving up gaming. I am fed up with getting each and every one of my rare gaming sessions ruined by my dice rolling FAR below average, Today, I think I rolled 3 results over 4 on the d10; 2 Initiative Rolls, and one attack, which latter was, by the way, easily saved by my opponents Fate roll. I find that, what ever I do, I just see my troops wither away while I fail to do any damage to the enemy, and it is simply no fun to play anymore.

Today, I even played the Uruk-Hai, exactly the same force that the Rohirrim got creamed by when I was playing them, which just goes to show how awful everything works when I have to roll the dice for it.

Well, here are the pics from the game - might be the last ones I post in a while, as my motivation is now exactly ZERO. Playing a game really should spur me on to get more stuff painted, not drain me of any will to carry on.

We played 'The Raid', and 'the great hall' was the largest of the 3 buildings (not that it mattered, as it might as well have been on the moon).

The Set-up

Uruks charging in

The defenders tried to keep their archers out of charge range, and succeeded, but the arrows they fired had no effect.

Up until now, everything went according to plan - but then soon we started rolling dice...

Two Uruks down...

The defenders now outnumbered the attackers by more than 2 to 1 - and the third Uruk (the closest one) went down.
This is the point where I gave up.
I think we played 3 or 4 turns. What a fun game... Not.


  1. Sorry to hear that. I can understand your frustration with the dice, it is just possible that there may be an issue with them. A friend of mine has some interesting videos on the statistical unreliability of many of the most commonly used brands of dice :
    If certain groups of numbers keep showing up, chances are that there may be a flaw in the dice themselves, particularly if you have found this happening over multiple games. One solution is to get some new precision dice, the other is to run them through a simple dice tower, which seems to even out the randomness of dice.
    Just a thought. :-)

    1. I have been thinking along those terms, too, but the thing is, the dice only roll low when I use them; if a friend borrows one or more of my dice, they seem to roll quite normal distributions.
      I already use a dice cup, and sometimes a dice tray, but maybe I should try using a dice tower - it cannot get any worse than it is now, for sure!
      I have pulled myself off the floor, by the way, and have started working on a new unit for my God of Battles Lords of Undeath army, which I hope gets an outing on October 22nd (I have a gaming appointment for that Saturday evening).