Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Almost There!

I painted shield bosses and backs, and sword handles, painted the shield rims and touched up the shiled bosses with black, then touched up white on the entire unit.

This evening, or tomorrow, I shall wash the models in Agrax Earthshade (as it is the only option available to me right now), and then I may have to do another touch-up with black before highlighting the shields.

If I keep up the pace, the unit should be all finished Friday, at the very latest, which leaves me Saturday for painting my Necromancer (which actually consists of only two areas to be painted).

I am re-basing another old Wight to use as the unit's leader, until I find or build a suitable model (would like one with an 'Arab' look, to be in line with the scimitars and Arab shields I used).

I am rather exited about getting the new army composition tested (and more so, as my opponent will not be Dwarves this time, but Orcs that are less likely to pass all Courage Tests triggered by my 'Undead' ability). I am hoping for a closely fought battle, and Time will tell if my shambling horde will harvest their first victory (not that I expect so; the dice will probably find a way to thwart any cunning plan I try to see through...)

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