Friday, 28 October 2016

Getting in the Right Mood...

I have been unearthing some of the Halloween decorations from the basement, and also purchased a few pieces more (notably Billy, some Ghoulish Garlands,  and Uncle William), and spent an hour or so arranging stuff in the conservatory and the living room windows.

Some pics from the entrance to the house.

The windows in the gable end facing Åparken.

And a phote better showing Billy (to the left), and Uncle William (next to the door). I got Uncle William from the FALGS in Odense Saturday afternoon before the girls went on the Harry Potter boat trip, and I carried him with me through the city (I was dressed up with in almost Victorian fashion of black suit, white/silver waistcoat and bow tie, black top hat, and knee-long black coat), and my moustache curled).

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