Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Rounding Off the Garden Project...

...at least for now. Autumn seems to start this week (according to the forecasts), and I do not think that it will make any sense to order another batch of cobblestones until spring. There is some chance that summer may return next week, but I shall need to see the forecasts next weekend before deciding whether to  try laying down more of the lawn edge.

I placed the rest of the regular cobbles in the trench running past the trees today, and after taking this photo I also managed to get them stomped in and covered in sand.

I more or less only short of doing the left edge of the lawn (along the concrete slates) - but, of course, I shall also make edges around trees, bushes, and the round bed in the middle of the lawn where the flagpole used to be (it broke in a storm some years ago).

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