Thursday, 20 October 2016

Undead Leaders

I seem to be a bit short in the rank department, and until I find/buy or build an appropriate leader model for my almost finished Skeleton Warrior unit, I am going to use this old Wight.

I just removed it from the slotta-base today, sawed the tap down, and glued the model to the washer. Tonight, before going to bed, I shall put some filler on the base for it to dry over night, so I can finish building it up first thing tomorrow, as I then can glue sand to it tomorrow evening, and paint it Friday. Sounds like a well-laid plan, right...?

I have another very old model already primed for painting it up to use as the leader of one of my Skeleton Hordes (the one armed with scythes, of course).

I planned using it a long time ago, but as often is the case, other stuff came in the way...

If the battle goes reasonably well on Saturday, I may get the model painted in between painting Dark Ages models for a Blood Eagle multi-player scenario for Horisont VIII, happening November 18th to 20th (and on one of my weekends off!).

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