Monday, 23 May 2016

Relocation of the Bush

I decided to plant the bush I removed from the front yard in the back yard, on the other side of the creek passing out property.

Here it can form part of a natural fence against intruders crossing the property of the kindergarden. Ther is a community hall just on the other side of the kindergarden, and every time it is rented out for an event, I spend a lot of time explaining to strangers that they have absolutely no business in my garden, and, frankly, I am a bit fed up with that.

After digging a hole and placing the big block of roots in it, I spent about 30 minutes cleaning up the creek, placing boulders and pieces of cement back on the bank, where they should be, to secure the bank from getting eroded by the streaming water. It would seem that some of the local kids think that the 'coastal defenses' are there to be used for building dams across the stream...

This was meant to show the creek - I think it is just perceivabe over/through the butterburs.
The trees on the other side are very tall spruces, edging the veggie garden.

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