Monday 9 May 2016

Paint Pot Holders

I do not remember if I have already shown these - but a fellow LAF'er lamenting tipping over a pot and spilling half the content made me think that I should share my solution for unstable paintpots.

It is made from a piece of wooden lath, and I made the hole with a paddle drill bit.

Originally I made some of these, because Anna wanted to pant some toy knights, but I have adopted them for my own painting, as I have also sometimes knocked over a pot, with a horrible mess on the pain(t) station as a consequence.

I can heartily recommend such a device, as I do not think I have toppled an open pot while painting, since I started using it.

The grey paint is from a bottle I dropped while placing it in the pot holder, so accidents can still happen, if you have butter fin´gers like me...

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