Sunday, 22 May 2016

Killing a Bush - Part 2

After 45 minutes of hard labor...
With forecasts predicting up to Celsius 25, and the thermometer already showing Celsius 20 when I got out of bed, I had no excuses for not finishing what I started yesterday.

So, after hurriedly sanding the bases on the remaining four Uruks, I got out my spade, my sledgehammer, and my pick, and set about removing the roots of the bush I cropped down yesterday.

It was hot work, very hot!

The spoils of war

Another hour later
When I had finished tidying up the spot, carrying all parts of the bush away on my wheel-barrow, it was time for lunch.

After lunch, the kids and I dressed up and went to Næsby Jernalderlandsby (Næsby Iron Age Village) for the annual Iron Age/Viking market there. More about that in a later post!

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