Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Launching a Drakkar, Part 2

It was about time that the ship got moved.

By now, we had been there for about 1½ hours, and I was VERY tired, as I had been on night watch. I even did not try any of the free mead samples offered, as I feared the alcohol would knock me out.

In the meantime the firth was swarming with small boats of all kinds - and the shore was bristling with people anticipating the launch - but first we had to endure the mandatory endless speeches.

And, then, finally the ship arrived at the shore

Lots of people watching

My family in the midst of the crowd

The ship was named 'Ladbydragen' (the Ladby Dragon OR Ladbu Drakkar), and then, finally, launched.

And, behold! It floats! 

Funen now has a new attraction, tying us to the most famous part of Scandinavian history. My family and I shall return, when Ladbydragen is open for tours on Kerteminde Fjord, and Kertinge Nor!

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