Monday, 2 May 2016

Blood Eagle, Rohan/Saxon Warband: Baldric

Another previously painted mini, Baldric is the second Rohan/Saxon warrior to join the Defenders of the East Emnet warband.

With stats based on the Fyrd Spearman, he is a run-of-the-mill warrior, ready to defend his home or the lands of his lord.

He will be re-based with the rest of the warband as soon as I can find time for it (I really need to get those vikings done).

Stats, at 19 points:

Fate 5+, FV +1, SV +0, Speed +0, (Christian)

Leather byrnie, light helm, shield
Long sword
Unarmed - unskilled

Tomorrow, I shall post the third member of this warband, and if everything goes to plan, also t some Pictures af a finished Ulf.

Blogger is blocking me from arranging the Pictures in a better manner, so you will have to excuse the weird layout of this post...

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