Sunday, 22 May 2016

Blood Eagle LotR Warbands: Re-basing almost complete!

This morning, before working in the garden, I slabbed some glue on the bases of these four Uruks, which caused me some trouble when I glued them to the washers.

I should be able to - at least - basecoat most of the bases of the two warbands tomorrow, BUT I still have some work to do in the garden, and I may have to spend some hours outside - unless we get a lot of rain, the forecasts are a bit uncertain.

At least, all the minis are now ready for some brushwork - it took me long enough, methinks!


  1. Orcs at the beach :-) ? Rebasing is never fun...

    1. Nah, and these 4 were particularly nasty, as the glue refused to settle right, until I resorted to a strange mix of filler, powerglue, and superglue...