Saturday 21 May 2016

Killing a Bush

I got caught up in RLI (Real Life Issues) today, and my only progress on the hobby-front so far has been statting up an OGAM list for Lizardmen, and constructing my first 900 pts warband.

All (!) morning was spent on returning a book to the libray (A Game of Thrones - I simply gave up on it 2/3 in. I think it si the first time in 40 odd years I have not finished a book I started reading, but AGoT simply bored the heck out of me), and buying a calendar (kind of pocket time-manager) for my eldest daughter to keep track of her school-work.

Before. Taken a while ago.
This, of course, because I went to the nearby town with the whole family, instead of going by myself, in which case I could have been back after 30 minutes.

After lunch, I removed labels from a lot of wine bottles (I have a batch of mead long overdue for bottling), and then I mowed the front lawn, pressed Lea into service helping me raking the grass into small stacks (I really should figure out, how to use the grass catcher for the lawnmower), and then I killed one of the bushes in the front yard with my chainsaw.

 At first, I thought I would cut them both down, but I realized that it will take some time and effort to remove the roots of the first one, and I do not see any reason for having more bare soil for weeds to grow in than absolutely necessary.

Thus, I stopped after cutting down the yellowish one, and then applied the branch-cutter to remove as much as the visible remains as possible.
This is what remains, now.

Weather permitting, I shall start digging the roots free tomorrow.

If I get the roots removed completely, I may take the chainsaw to the other bush right away, but I also want to get some work done on the Blood Eagle warbands, that I have neglected to do today.

Spring/summer and weekend is a bad cocktail for getting hobby-stuff done. Too many distractions!

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