Saturday, 28 May 2016

Another 3 Bushes Down

Although it is very difficult when only allowed to use one arm to its full extent (as I have a 'tennis elbow' in my left arm),over the last couple of afternoons I have succeeded in cutting three more bushes down, and today, with a little help from my wife, I dug up the roots of he largest one.

Only two bushes remaining in this bed, now (a small Juniper, and a Slender Deutzia), and they arre going to be moved to another part of the garden.

Before moving them, I have to get rid of the roots of the other two, smaller, bushes I cut down.

After moving the soil back into the hole, the removal of roots and rocks is beginning to show, and we shall have to get some soil from the re-cycling plant in Ringe,

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