Thursday, 19 May 2016

Prepping Gripping Beast Dark Ages Civilians

I have decided to try getting a scenario ready for a small private gathering of gamers in Esbjerg called Åcon.

Thus, I have started getting some of the Dark Ages civilians I have purchased ready for the table - they are going to be victory-point awarding objectives; the Saxons will earn VP by keeping them safe, the raiders by carrying them away to captivity an thralldom.

I forgot to rough up the edge on the base of the young woman - shall have to do that when the glue has settled completely.

I must say, compared to their plastics, I am pretty un-impressed with these metals from Gripping Beast. Moulds do not seem to align very well, causing some very annoying mold-lines, especially through the hair of the women, but also on the legs of the child (which suffers from a bad case of 'melon-head' (or maybe it is not a child, but a midget?).

On the plus-side, they look as if they will paint up quite easily - not a lot of un-necessary small fiddly details, which is nice for 'scatter' models which are painted as a necessity rather than part of the fighting forces.

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