Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Launching a Drakkar, Part 1

The entrance to the parking lot at the Ladby Viking Museum
This Saturday, we went to Ladby (near Kerteminde) to participate in a historical event: The first launch of a drakkar in about a 1000 years!

In 1935 a ship burial was discovered in a barrow almost on the bank of Kerteminde Fjord.

Today, the excavated ship can be seen behind glass in the barrow, wjhich is quite unique for this kind of exhibition, I think.

Over the last five years, a team of volunteers, with advice from among others the experienced ship-builders in Roskilde, the Ladby Ship has been reconstructed, and now it was time for it to untertake its maiden voyage.

We decided to leave home at about 9 a.m. (the museum opens at 10, and the ceremony was sceduled for 11), and that turned out to be a very good idea, as it meant we actually could park in the rather small parking lot at the museum.

Admittance to the museum was free because of the event (but the normal entrance fees are very reasonable), so we went in to take a look at the exhibition.

The museum is not very large, but I expect the newly built ship, and the possibility for taking visitors on boat trips, to herald good and prosperous times for it, so I think we shall see it expanded in a few years.

Below are some pictures from within the museum.

Each picture is explained shortly in the captions beneath each one.
A scale model of the Ladby Ship, about 1:20, I think.

A reconstruction of a womans' dress.
Note, that it is not the common misconception of the 'apron' dress,
often seen on Dark Ages minis,
for which there is no archaeological evidence

This shows Kerteminde Fjord and  Kertinge Nor - the barrow is situated where
the Ladby Ship was excavated.

Some excavated spikes from the stern of the Ladby Ship

And some 'curls' form the dragon's head

Some Viking stuff...

More Viking stuff  - notably a gold bracelet.

Details of the Ladby Tapestry - inspired by the Bayeux Tapestry
Outside the museum, we had some ground to cover to reach the fjord where the new ship was to be launched.

Ladbydragen (the Ladby Dragon), carved from wood some years ago by a volunteer.

A small clinker-built boat, made as an excercise by the volunteers, before they started building the actual ship.

First view to Kerteminde Fjord

The ship. Lots of people already there.

A better view of the prow

...and from starboard side...

The 'inside' of the ship

Here is where the ship was to be launched.
Note the greased 'lunder' on which the ship would glide. 

A view from below.. The ship was to be pushed backwards down and out to the right,
then turned a bit and be pushed forward along the track of 'lunder' you can see across the field.

The oars awaiting use

The mast - I think

I think this is the yard, and then of course the various 'holders' for the yard and mast.

The entrance to the barrow with the original ship

Another view

The medieval band 'Ramashang' entertained - if I can figure out how to, I might upload a video.

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