Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Næsby Iron Age/Viking Market 2016

Sunday the kids and I went to the annual Iron Age market in Jernalderlandsbyen (The Iron Age Village) in Næsby, Odense.

It was a bright, hot, sunny day, so the conditions were perfect for spending an afternoon shopping for bits and bobs for our Viking/Medieval outfits.

Sadly, my camera's SD card ran out of space (and I did not bring any spares), so I do not have a lot of pictures to share.

Anyeay, here they are:

First impression

Iron Age Germannic warriors

Not as many traders as usual...

Anna and Lea spotted some horses.

The mandatory Viking fight. Lots of shield maidens this year!

The leader of the opposing party.
I wonder, if he slew an Uruk-Hai?

The opposition.


These guys are not gentle with each other!
We spent a couple of hours at the market, got some food and drinks, and then drove back to Kværndrup, as I had to prepare supper (and Anna had forgotten to spply sunblock before leaving home, so it felt prudent to limit her time in the sun).

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