Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Modifying the Driveway

The area in front - and to the left - of the shed I use for firewood (and storage of some stuff, such as wheelbarrows, garden furniture, et al) is the only place besides gthe garage entrance where our property can be entered by a car.

The local waterwork has a couple of wells on our plot, and the waterwork people have to have access to those, and thus there is a driveway past the shed.

The driveway is currently practically a lawn, which makes it look separate to the area in front of the shed, which is gravel, and this fact has led many to believe, the driveway is a public footpath, and our back garden a public park.

I am reasonably fed up with having to tell people to get off my property all summer, so I have decided to alter the look of the area bordering 'Åparken', the small 'alley' leading from Svendborgvej past our house.

I have sprayed the grass bordering the 'timber yard' with weedkiller, and the plan is to remove the top soil, and the top layer of gravel, and then cover the entire width with dark grey crushed granite, to tie the start of the driveway with the rest of our property.

Below is a series of photos showing the driveway down to the back garden, starting with the direct view from Åparken.

The back garden
The stuctures at the far end is a pump house (the green 'box'),
and an 8 metres wide octagonal 'campfire house'
built by the kindergarden which borrows this part of our lot in the daytime.

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