Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Enjoying the Garden

It is not all toil and trouble - our garden also gives us sights for sore eyes at times.

This is either a tulip tree or a magnolia - I cannot tell the difference - and every spring it bristles with flowers like this.

Another blossoming tree is ths japanese cherry tree (I think it is).

It is the local church on the hilltop in the background.

I need to crop some of those dead branches, I think (another task to add to the list).

Below you can see both trees a seen from Åparken.

My wife has been cleaning up the strawberry patch, which looks a bit scruffy. It is probably time that I water it - I started watering the potatoes late yesterday evening, and they are being watered again, as I write these lines.

The rhubarb is destined to be moved to a spot just below the veggie garden, just to the side of the Jerusalem artichokes (I have been told by Google they are called).

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