Sunday 1 May 2016

Blood Eagle, Rohan/Saxon Warband: Aedelric

As the painting of my vikings goes very slowly (which I hope to change when having Monday through Wednesday off), I think it is now time to construct some proxy warbands of already painted minis.

I painted this model for a God of Battles participation demo for Horisont 1½ years ago, and he is now going to lead my first Rohan/Saxon warband.

I shall base the warband on the Sacon Thegn list, but I am going to make heavy adjustments for the stats and minis to correspond.

Named Aedelric, he is an elderly former horseman, but now leader of a local fyrd in East Emnet.

I based his stats on the Huscarl profile, but as he does only wear a leather byrnie, and carry sword and shield, I have changed his profile accordingly.

Aedelric's Profile, at 38 points:

Fate 4+, FV +2, SV +1, Speed +0, (Christian)

Leadership +1

Leather byrnie, full helm, shield

Long Sword
Unarmed, unskilled

I am going to rebase him - and the rest of the warband - onto steel washers, as I like the look of lower/flat bases much better than the slottas, and I am going to base any new LotR models on steel as well - so no more plastic plinths for me!

As soon as I have finished my vikings, I think I shall paint a couple of plastic Fellowship members (from the Moria boxed set) and stat them up for Blood Eagle as well - I already have some ideas about how to flesh out Aragorn, Legolas, and Boromir, and with those done, the rest should follow nicely.

I shall construct and upload the rest of the warband over the next couple of days, followed by an Uruk-Hai warband to fight them.

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