Monday, 2 May 2016

Blood Eagle, Rohan/Saxon Warband: Caedmon

Another Fyrd Swordsman joins the Defenders of the East Emnet.

Like the others painted Fall 2014 for my Gondor/Rohan God of Battles demo army, and now getting a chance to star in a smaller production.

And also like the others, he will receive a new base before being sent into battle.

Games-wise, he is identical to Baldric - I am going very much 'by the book' with these, only making changes necessary for the figures being WYSIWYG.

Stats, at 19 points:

Fate 5+, FV +1, SV +0, Speed +0, (Christian)

Leather byrnie, light helm, shield

Long sword
Unarmed - unskilled

Again, I must apologize for the weird layout, but it really is a bit out of my hands...

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