Friday, 22 April 2016

Vacation 2015 - Day 9: Pisa

It has been a while since I last posted pictures from our caping vacation in Italy last summer, but now I am slowly getting the hang of blogging, again so I shall make updates about it now and then, when I do not have something more important to write about.

We decided to make a daytrip to Pisa, particularly to see the Leaning Tower, as my daughters had beeb talking about it before the holidays.

We had to cross the Po Valley and the Apennine Mountains to get to Tuscany, and we got delayed in the mountains because a lorry had had anb accident on the motorway.

But, we endured, and were rewarded with the sight of the Tuscan landscape.

Well arrived, car parked, we were met by the wall enclosing Piazza del Duomo - and the usual motley crew of vendors.

View of the Cathedral of Pisa and the Leaning Tower througn the gate in the wall
In the foreground, the Babtistery of St. John.

Proof that my family was there.
It is forbidden to walk on the grass, by the way...

Front of the Cathedral

Lots of gold foil on that ceiling!

Couldn't help thinking of the throne room in Minas Tirith

The next series of photos are form our visit to the Leaning Tower - the clou to this trip

Going up!

The home of AC Pisa 1909 in the background

I think this is Opera della Primaziale Pisana

Some very worn marble

Another view of the stadion, this time from the top of thetower

Via Roma - I think
 The mandatory 'funny' pictures:

Did I mention the grass...?

Not funny at all, just the full tower

I bought that hat from one of the vendors in front of the wall.
This concludes the tale of our foray into Tuscany. We returned to the camping site quite late in the evening, and had to leave the car in a parking lot outside (it turned out that we could have just asked to get let in), and I think we all slept very well that night, despite the very hot weather.

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